Our Services

Dispatch Service

Unleash your earning potential! No more looking for loads. No more paperwork. Our dispatching services are organized by a state of the art load boards ensuring that you stay loaded as much or as little as you want! Great for owner-operators with new authority. No contract. Contact us for more information.

Complex Logistics

Complex logistics is our specialty. All you have to do is let us know what your shipping goals are, and we will work out the most efficient way to get your cargo where it needs to be. Questions? We are happy to give you a detailed report on where everything will be along the way.

Owner-Operators & Independent Truckers

  • We book the best paying loads and the lanes you want to run 
  • Don’t send you anywhere you don’t want to go 
  • No contracts
  • No forced dispatch 
  • Credit check for brokers and shippers
  • New MC authorities are welcome 
  • Deadhead of 150 miles or less
  • The quota of 5000+ gross each truck
  • Handle all paperwork
  • Negotiate with brokers/shippers
  • Communicate with brokers/shippers
  • Weekly invoice 
  • Set up with a factoring
  • Truck Order Not Used ( TONU ) assistance
  • Direct access to your dispatcher

Equipments We Dispatch

Documents Required to Get Started with Dispatch Service

Why Good Fellas?

Good Fellas Transportation is dedicated to provide excellent service to our drivers. We keep your wheels turning with best paying freight and making your business run efficiently. 

We strategically book loads based upon your HOS you will never experience forced dispatching. We thrive off of communication and understanding our drivers.

Sure, we have high standards for our drivers, but we have high standards for ourselves, too! We want to be a company that you are proud to be a part of. We pride ourselves on making ethical choices the center of our business plan.



Most frequent questions and answers

We never guarantee numbers, and it all depends on how hard the driver wants to work, but our gross quota is $5000 per truck each week. We will always do our best to maximize our clients’ profits for each truck.

You tell us how much home time you want and how long you want to stay on the road for. And we will book strategic loads around your home time to get you home to your family to the best of our abilities.

Our avg rate per mile falls between $2.12 – $2.69 cents a mile, you can check out our rate cons that we have on our website now.

NO! we only offer agreements.

Yes, we can we have partnerships with factoring companies that has low rates.

All depends on where you would like to go, its no forced dispatch with us.

We only give our dispatchers 5-7 trucks per dispatcher we don’t want to overwhelm our dispatcher we focus on quality over quantity

We accept Dry Vans, Reefers, Step decks, Flatbeds

Unfortunately, we do not sorry. 

Yes, you will have your own dedicated dispatcher assigned to your trucks.