Most frequent questions and answers

We never guarantee numbers, and it all depends on how hard the driver wants to work, but our gross quota is $5000 per truck each week. We will always do our best to maximize our clients’ profits for each truck.

You tell us how much home time you want and how long you want to stay on the road for. And we will book strategic loads around your home time to get you home to your family to the best of our abilities.

Our avg rate per mile falls between $2.12 – $2.69 cents a mile. You can check out our rate cons that we have on our website now.

NO! we only offer agreements.

Yes, we can. We have partnerships with factoring companies that has best rates

All depends on where you would like to go. There is no forced dispatch with us.

We only give our dispatchers 5-7 trucks per dispatcher. We don’t want to overwhelm our dispatchers. We focus on quality over quantity.

We accept Dry Vans, Reefers, Step decks and Flatbeds.

Unfortunately, We do not. Sorry. 

Yes, you will have your own dedicated dispatcher assigned to your trucks.